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About Us

Plastic2Print was founded in 2010 in a time when 3D printing was only a shim compared to the current state. Founded by Job van Noorloos, a Dutch engineer who saw the huge potential this production method had (and still has!). Ok, 3D-printing existed already for more then 20 years, but combined with internet and open source developments, the speed of developments were incomparable with the likes in the 80s-90s. Now, almost 6 years later, Plastic2Print has developed into a key player in FDM materials.

Plastic2Print now presents more than 200 products (and counting!) via this online shop. Providing materials to 3D printer owners in Australia, North and South-America, Japan and every single European country.

And there is so much more to come. Behind the scenes Plastic2Print keeps on exploring and developing, to keep on extending their assortment of specialty materials. Many high end materials and functional plastics will be the focus of our developments.

Are you as curious to these developments as we are? Then connect and let us keep you up to date, and subscribe to our newsletter. Other questions? Drop us a note via the contact form or by email